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Quaff Fine Tea

Quaff, “to drink heartily,” perfectly encapsulated what I wanted to convey with this product. I designed a black tea variety pack of fine loose leaf tea. The packaging has a simple, but elegant design. The box flap opens to reveal the colorful packets of tea while the button and string closures add to the air of sophistication.



I designed a black tea variety pack containing 5 kinds of black tea each in individual packets.

The packets carry on the button and string enclosures, and mimic the design of the package.

quaff packets.jpg

Website Mockups

I created mockups for a website including a home page, and pages for a black tea variety pack, green tea variety pack, and about/contact.

The website compliments elements from the packaging such as the curved header and footer which mimic the curved enclosure of the box.

quaff website Home.jpg
quaff website Black Tea.jpg
quaff website Green Tea.jpg
quaff website About.jpg

Billboard and Web Ads

I included lifestyle imagery in line with Quaff's mission and taglines - to take time and enjoy Quaff tea.

quaff insta mockup package.jpg
quaff insta mockup cup.jpg

Sachet Business Card

These tea sachet cards represent the brand on a smaller scale and act as a unique and memorable plug for the brand.

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